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George Floyd protests

People in the US are protesting because another black person was killed by police. (George Floyd) Hey, this at least makes a change from writing about coronavirus constantly. What's weird to me is there's at least 100,000 deaths in the US by Coronavirus but it was one death that set the protests off. I'm also not sure protesting during a pandemic is a very good idea, protesting in other countries makes even less sense.

First point about the video, when someone says that they can't breath, get off their fucking neck. Second point, there were three other officers on the scene, they did nothing. The officer also had an history of violence, people like Amy Klobuchar (who ran in the democrat primary for president) could have prosecuted him, she chose not to, so fuck her. I can't breath were also the words that Eric Gardener said before his death. Now police in the US are gassing peaceful protesters, arresting journalists and some are even firing into crowds. Sure, there could be some bad protesters but I expect that most of the violence is coming from the state side. This is a systematic issue.

Orange Buffoon is calming people down, just joking he's threatening to send in the military and wants governors to "dominate" protesters. (Perhaps a reference to the games he played with Marlana she still liked him.) Yet people were afraid that Obama was going to declare Marshal Law, what idiots.

Ultimately I support the protests, even though it may not help with pandemic. However I don't think it'll lead to any significant change. Did Occupy? Did the first Black Lives Matter protests? how about the Women's March? I am for safe peaceful protests, I was even involved in one, I just don't think that they're terribly effective.
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Vaccine, Idiots, NZ National

No bad news on a covid vaccines, this is good news.

Apart from the stupid fucks who think that Bill Gates using it to track everyone. Firstly there's no evidence of this. Secondly the government and corporations can already track you with your cell phone and your internet connection. Pandemics bring out the stupid in people.

Everything is fucked, the US stock market goes up anyway. I think it's a case of one death is a tragedy, thousands are a statistics. People are also spending the stimulus checks on it, the US government is buying index funds, and big tech is booming. Many things are closed, but small businesses are not on the stock market. Maybe it'll randomly crash, but it usually comes back up.

In New Zealand National changed their leader, this is stupid because the new one won't win. He should have let Simon take the hit then swoop in for 2023. My guess is he will be out after an inevitable election lost.

People are now complaining that National's top 10 is all white. I don't care! Their policy is still crap. If they screw the middle class by raising G.S.T and doctors fees, would people feel better if a transgender asian is a minister when they announce it. That's just silly. They'd call complaining about this "woke" policies in the U.S., a term they seem to have borrowed from the conspiracy theorists. Don't get me wrong I like diversity, but National has always be a party for the white and rich; this is reflected in policy. Also just because you have a person from a minority group doesn't mean they won't screw their own groups, or other groups. For example Dave Rubin, a gay man went on Fox News and said firefighters were having trouble fighting fires because of diversity requirements. I know I am mixing countries but you get the point. M.P. are usually well off people who suck up to donors and do their bidding, especially those on the right. It doesn't matter how diverse they are, they're still going to fuck you! (and not in a good way if you're into that)
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Sanders, Buffoon, US, NZ

I think I was wrong about Bernie Sanders. Tara Reid's allegations were known in the primary. I now think that he should have stayed in and made it an issue. His campaign should have investigated it at least.

No change for Orange Buffoon, he's still crazy and incompetent. Now he's going on about Obamagate, whatever the fuck that is, I don't know.

The US is not doing enough to things lock down. Different states started at different times and have different rules> It's a mess. It's dysfunctional. it's not getting any better.

New Zealand update, the daily new cases average two. I rate it good enough but not good. Zero cases would be good, I think that it will happen.
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Orange Buffoon, New Zealand

I hate to do another Orange Buffoon is an fucking idiot post, but Orange Buffoon is a fucking idiot. He suggested inserting cleaning products in people. My answer to that is him first. Make lungs clean again!He also suggested putting UV light in the body, again he can try it first. He later suggested this was sarcasm. Oh please! He needs the 25th amendment as this man is crazy and stupid. This shouldn't be news to anyone. Seriously, what's the point of the 25th amendment if they don't use it to remove this lunatic?

Meanwhile New Zealand moved to level 3 yesterday. I think we moved too early, but time will tell. People were queuing at McDonalds at 3AM, what fucking idiots. Nobody needs McDonalds that badly. I can wait longer, I really can't understand why people get excited for food, eating is boring.
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YACE Yet Another Coronavirus Entry

Full lock down is ending in New Zealand next week. I think that this is probably a mistake as cases continue to rise. I want the lock down to end but I don't want to go back a full look down if cases spike, that would be worse. Until effective treatment is available this is what's going to happen.

Regarding a vaccine I'm no longer convinced it'll be a silver bullet, it may be but what we need is treatment. There's not really news. I'm growing more frustrated by this. I'm fine with not going out but like concerts and going to other cities.

Buffoon supporting idiots are defying the lock downs by protesting. They will cause an extension of the lock downs by doing so.

It has also been suggested that you let the virus spread to most of a country for a month. However this is a very stupid idea, you'll kill a fuck lot of people by doing so even if you isolate most of the susceptible ones, you'll also cripple the medical system, recovered people may have long term health problems too. There's also no guarantee people can't be reinfected.

The news is all Coronavirus now, it's a bit boring. I may do a post next week otherwise I'm thinking bi monthly or monthly.
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US, Orange Buffoon, FEMA, Bernie, Biden, Lock Down

The US has hundreds of thousands of cases and some states still don't have national stay at home orders. Fuck the governors the refuse to issue such orders.

According to estimates Orange Buffoon lost 500 million this is just to say I'm happy the fuckwitt is losing money. Fuck him.

Orange Buffoon keeps pushing a largely untested treatment saying "What have you got to lose?" Well one of the side effects is death so apparently people can lose their lives. He appears to have a financial stake in one of the companies manufacturing it and has met with its C.E.O.

FEMA is also hijacking deliveries to hospitals, and it's assumed they're giving to other hospitals, this is fucked up. If FEMA want inventory they should just order them direct. Ironically Orange Buffoon said he questions why hospitals need so many masks (because of the virus fuckface) and said maybe hospital workers are taking them out the backdoor, since FEMA is pretty much doing this instead, maybe this was projection?

Bernie Sanders drops out, I am not surprised.

Joe Biden now has a sexual assault allegation against him. I don't know if it's true but the mainstream media isn't investigating it. It's something you don't want in an election, then again allegations didn't affect the current president and the mainstream media is just ignoring new allegations. Apparently the Me Too movement doesn't apply if you're powerful enough.

Joe Biden is absent minded and isn't the best speaker. The U.S.A. could be stuck with Orange Buffoon. His lead currently is smaller than Hillary's at this time.

I am over the lock down but it's necessary otherwise cases skyrocket. There's still no effective treatment or vaccine, life is still fucked.
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Buffoon, Biden, Sanders, Gabbard, Australia, New Zealand, GPS

60% of the U.S.A. approve of Orange Buffoon's handling of Coronavirus. I am seriously trying not to call people stupid. Perhaps this is the media's fault for not highlighting his mismanagement and stupidity. He called the virus a hoax and said the number would be close to zero. There's about 60,000. What the fuck is wrong with people? Sometimes he actually manages to speak like a normal person. (sometimes not so much) Are people really congratulating him for not being a complete fuck up some of the time? Fuck sakes. His press conferences are full of lies and misinformation. The things he says are walked backed afterwards by doctors, government departments and corporations. The guy said that everybody will be back to work by easter because "it's a beautiful time", the guy is an absolute moron. Americans would be much safer if the 25th amendment was invoked and he got the fuck out of there.

Nothing for days from Joe Biden, then he finally appeared to give several embarrassing interviews from his home. America is fucked if this is the best he can do.

Bernie Sanders has no chance and probably should drop out. I like Bernie and am closest to his policies but he got hammered in the last round of primaries. Holding in-person voting in this climate is irresponsible. The D.N.C. should go to mail-in voting. The fact is Bernie is going to get blamed for people voting while a pandemic is going on, I don't see the upside.

Tulsi Gabbard drops out and endorses Biden. On the one hand Bernie has no chance so I understand the positioning of this, though the establishment will probably give her fuck all anyway. This certainly isn't a principled stance; she's much closer to Sanders. It's a sad end to a sad campaign.

Australia has a fucked government and if you voted for them I have little sympathy for you. You got the fucked government you voted for. Their economic package sucked, welfare lines down the street and this is really not a good look in a pandemic. It's an incompetent shit show, It's not as bad as some countries but the government has been reckless. It'll undoubtedly get much worse.

New Zealand is now on lock down, which makes fuck all difference to me since I stay in my room all day anyway. This didn't need to happen, the government should have done a better job of tracking cases.

I'd track them with GPS. I realize tracking the sick seems ghastly but it's better than inconveniencing millions of people. They already detain people if they're a serious risk to the community, home GPS is a more humane option. I understand the expansion of government powers against GPS tracking but closing most businesses is also an expansion of power. The end justifies the means. For people worried about surveillance I have news for you. Governments and corporations are already surveillancing you, they don't need to fight for an unnecessary GPS device beyond this; they can just gather data through cell phones, CCTV and the internet without you knowing.
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Coronavirus responses

YouTubers are not saying the c word because their videos are being demonized when they do. I CAN SAY CORONAVIRUS, FUCK YOU YOUTUBE HAHAHA! It's a stupid rule which makes no sense. All the news is now is Coronavirus, why penalize people for something that the mainstream media is covering nonstop?

We're only in this situation because governments are incompetent. As I predicted China went all authoritarian and drastically reduced this virus. Unfortunately they acted too late as it has spread to the rest of the world. They also have delayed vaccine efforts by hiding things from everybody else. Orange Buffoon and his brain dead fuckers pretty much did the same, they weren't even testing at first then had the wrong test, their incompetence is off the charts. Things in the U.S.A. are shut down because of their incompetence. China could have prevented this entire situation. Governments around the world are shutting everything down but penny pinching on testing, THIS MAKES NO SENSE!

Also it's ironic the U.S.A. is telling people not to gather, while they're gather in groups and Orange Buffoon shakes the people's hands. I am not sure why they keep bringing out Orange Buffoon, I don't expect his presence is calming, even to his wife.

People on social media are spreading misinformation. It's several times more deadly, especially for seniors. Even if it was exactly the same as the flu, I don't give a fuck about this. I'd rather people avoid getting another version of the flu if possible. Though shutting down everything would be a bit much in that hypothetical. I don't care if you think that it'll kill less people than other diseases. The reason why that the figure is so low is that governments are taking extreme measures to contain this. Again it's a risk to particular groups. "Obesity kills 300,000" Uh OK but you can't suddenly catch obesity and die from it within a few weeks, or more likely cause the death of someone's grandma. Infectious people don't always know they're I feel like social media distancing!

I am not sure it makes much sense to restrict gatherings just yet in New Zealand but better safe than sorry. I understand why people are frustrated; I had concerts coming up and they probably will be cancelled. The government is trying to get people to hurry home, I am not sure making the airports crowded is a very good idea. Now we have 20 cases. Ironically getting people to rush home would make outbreaks more frequent.

The global economy is now collapsing, it's not completely Buffoon's fault but he must take some responsibility due to botching the U.S. response. I say buy some cheap stocks in June. Sorry! You may as well take advantage of cycles if you can. I'm trying to free up cash. I do realize it sucks for people but I can't do anything about that.
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Biden, Sanders, Warren, Coronavirus

Bernie is probably going to lose the primary, rather than blame the establishment or the media I will blame Bernie Sanders and young voters. Young voters didn't show up at the polls, so that's that. Bernie Sanders didn't attack Joe Biden hard enough, that is on him. I would have attacked him on his forgetfulness, sorry, not sorry! Call me a bad guy, I don't care, this is politics! You think that Orange Buffoon wouldn't? He is already doing it. Biden could lose the election on this alone. Bernie could have said he doesn't have a son named Hunter Biden. He doesn't have to attack Hunter but it was reckless not to assert that Republicans wouldn't make an issue of this just like they did with Bengazi. Bernie should have gone after him hard since everyone dropped out and endorsed Biden, he didn't, it's his failure.

Elizabeth Warren hasn't endorsed anybody yet. Bottom line I think that her calculations are terrible. She didn't run against Hillary because Hillary agreed not to appoint Wall Street to her cabinet, this was an absolutely terrible decision because Hillary would have done whatever she wanted anyway. Some people say she should have run in 2016, but considering this cycle she is not that great at this. She came third in her own state. Her campaign tanked.

They're already blaming Bernie bros if Biden loses. This is idiotic. Perhaps some people may not vote for a uninspirational senile candidate with no message, a nonsense scandal republicans can't wait to amplify, and a terrible voting history. But oh yeah Bernie and his bros are to blame.

Hopefully Biden will be replaced on the ticket but I could see that favoring Buffoon too.

Buffoon has been busy claiming everything is fine with the Coronavirus and tells people to go to work if they have a cough, disastrous idea. I know I said not to panic but it certainly depends where you are Several cities have been locked down; cities in China and Italy. New Zealand where I live shouldn't be in panic mode yet, but things may change. The United States didn't have the right test for a few weeks, so they fucked that up and who knows what will happen. Again it's very important to keep infected people away from countries for as long as possible, that's how you avoid a crisis. Infections in some major areas have slowed and the virus has mutated to a less dangerous version but only 30% of infections is that specific version currently, that's at least some good news. If you even suspect that you have the virus, go and get tested and stay away from people. I'm delaying my international trips until a vaccine is out.
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Coronavirus, Joe Biden is electable BAHAHAHA

I haven't addressed the Coronavirus because I thought that the authoritarian China government would have fixed it by now. I was wrong. I still think that there's little reason to panic. The virus may mutate to something more easily spreadable but it is a bad idea to unnecessarily panic people until that time. The best advice would be to adjust your diet to boost immunity and wash hands regularly with water as hot as you can stand it for at least 30 seconds, perhaps hand sanitizer. Also don't let at risk people into our country until this dies down. We have also got to be sensible, if at risk people want to come in they must be quarantined for three days prior, undergo three throat test. There's a problem with false positives so a mouth test is not enough. People are bitching about costs to the government but I would rather do everything to limit coronavirus here. I still have faith science will stop this. Call me optimistic.

The democratic establishment is gambling with Joe Biden. Amy, Pete and Tom have dropped out. This is a complete disaster. They should have picked another corporatist. Biden has very clear mental problems. He has forgotten the state he's in, the name of an interviewer, lines from the declaration of independence. He appeared to forget Obama's name once. He said he was a senate candidate recently and if you don't like him you could vote for the other Biden. He also tells people to vote for someone else; you probably shouldn't do this in an election, just saying. All this is on video. He is aggressive with people who disagree with him, and called a woman a lying dog faced pony soldier. (what the fuck does even mean?) He's an angry senile old man and America already has one of those in the White House. If you think he's electable, you're not thinking straight. How many more brain fuck ups must he make before you realize he's not quite there. I guarantee that there will be more. Guaran fucking tee. There's every chance he'll lose. Bring back Amy or Cory Booker, I can't stand either and they probably wouldn't win but at least they are not senile. The debate will be two senile old men struggling to be coherent. At least Sanders and Warren are coherent! How the fuck do you not have anyone to defeat Orange Buffoon? I don't want another four years of Orange Buffoon. Also Pete is a complete idiot for dropping out, if I was him I would have tried at the convention. The establishment won't want Bernie or Warren, Biden is going lala, Bloomberg is Buffoon Lite. Please someone go in and save the United States from being a freak show for the next four years. I hope Bernie wins but failing that, don't let it be someone who can lose to Buffoon! SOS!
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Bloomberg, Biden, Bernie

Michael Bloomberg was terrible in his first debate. The first thing Elizabeth Warren did was call him out for calling women "horse faced lesbians" and everyone picked on Bloomberg all right. Another debate happened, the crowd were booing Bernie and Warren. It's alleged that Bloomberg stacked the audience with his people. He's buying everything else so it's possible.

Bloomberg is famous for stop and frisk, where police would just randomly stop black people for no reason. A court made them stop the policy despite what Bloomberg wants you to believe, he fought against the court case. Crime didn't go up once it was stopped. Those are the facts. Black people are not going to be inspired to vote for Mr Stop And Frisk.

Women are not going to be inspired to vote for him. He told a pregnant woman to "kill it" and his company has about 60 sexual harassment claims. Did he do some of it? We don't know.

Other people have volunteers, he's paying people to shill for him. Many don't even like him and are leaking everything from his campaign and sending texts like "Vote for Bloomberg", "Disregard my last message, vote for Bernie". It's hilarious. This is what happens when you don't have grassroots support and try to buy your way into the nomination. Bloomberg seems like a slightly less racist sexist version of Orange Buffoon with fewer enthusiastic supporters. I'm not sure he can beat Orange Buffoon, same with all the others, even Bernie. Bloomberg would be better off throwing money at another candidate, even a Hollywood celebrity, I am serious.

People bitch about Bernie supporters, but why the fuck is enthusiastic supporters a bad thing?

Warren isn't viable if most of the progressives are supporting Sanders. I think she should drop out and support Bernie. The Establishment isn't going to support her either.

It's also pointless Tulsi Gabbard existing in the race and I like her. Also should drop out. Gets fuck all support.

Apart from Tom, the rest are out of touch, have problematic histories with race and probably won't win, Biden is also losing his mind, claimed he was a Senate candidate recently.

This is a disaster.

Apart from Bernie and Elizabeth the others will not get an enthusiastic base. People need to quit hysteria about Sanders and face reality.

Sanders praised Cuba for its literacy program. Obama did similar. What if not everything is black and white and even terrible countries have some good qualities? Do people really don't understand nuance.

Bernie is too old. Biden and Bloomberg are a year younger. Stop making fucking stupid arguments!

My problem with most of the arguments against Bernie is they're just so fucking stupid.

Bernie is not a Democrat, no he's better and wants to help everyday Americans. Michael Bloomberg was a Republican, Joe Biden is at least a closet Republican.

He's a straight white man. So fucking what? He'll be the first Jewish President. Yet the some in the media refers to his supporters as brown shirts. Keep it classy.

Some of his supporters are mean. Fuck you! (that was a joke) What if he has no control over his supporters and they are acting alone? He has never encouraged bullying and always denounces it. It's not like he said in the old days they would carry protesters out on a stretcher, that was Orange Buffoon.

Orange Buffoon and the media will constantly demonize socialism. This argument is creditable but unless you come up with someone else I think he's the best bet. The others are crap.
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Impeachment trial, Iowa, Kerry, Bloomberg, Biden

If you're guilty of a crime, join the Republican party and get elected president. That way you can be free of charges. The Republicans are allowing no witnesses in the Senate trial. If I was guilty I'd love it. If I was innocent I would insist on witnesses. This is a clown show, much like the entire Buffoon presidents.

When the Republicans inevitably find him not guilty the Democrats should immediately impeach him again on different charges. At this stage I just want to fuck him off and give him the most impeachments of any president. However the Democrats didn't do nearly enough charges so this would fix that. Of course they're incompetent fools so they won't do this.

Bernie wins Iwoa! I have no idea if this is true since they're unusually holding back the result. This would be a good way to screw Bernie Sanders if he won. Pete declared victory despite not knowing the result.

John Kerry is thinking of entering the race. Uh hello John, you already ran against a incredibly stupid incumbent Republican, and you lost! Fuck off.

Mike Bloomberg entered the race a month or two ago; he's self funding his campaign which means he couldn't attend debates. He will represent the rich and nobody else. He was an advocate of the stop and frisk policy; which basically just harasses black and Latino people for doing nothing wrong. He doesn't have a hope in hell if those groups do not vote for him, and they shouldn't.

Meanwhile Biden keeps abusing potential voters and contines to insist Republicans will work with him. The man is crazy and probably needs to be in a home.
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Impeachment trial started, Hillary Clinton

Orange Buffoon had his Senate trial starting, probably meaningless since Republicans are corrupt and won't convict. They may not allow key witnesses or even evidence. If he's so innocent what's the problem with either? The opening arguments were more of the same. Republicans say it was a perfect phone call. Democrats say he committed a crime. Boring. Perhaps wake me up if they allow John Bolton to testify.

The internet is talking about Hillary Clinton again, Fuck knows why, I am also bored with her. She basically said that nobody in Washington likes Bernie and he got nothing done. The first part I don't disagree with as he represents the people, not corporate elites like most of Washington. As for the second; some people call him the "amendment king" so I don't think that's true but even if it was you can blame Washington for representing corporate elites instead of people. I have said before if I lost to Orange Buffoon I'd crawl into a hole, or a mansion if I was Hillary Clinton. Also does she think he is going to lose support because of her comments? The people who support him don't even like Washington, or her. She can criticize him all she wants, it probably won't have the desired effect.

Also Hillary Clinton cannot be charged with a crime; the Buffoon administration looked into this and came up with nothing. This is good news for her and a blow to the "but her Emails" crowd.

However the bad news for Hillary is Tulsi Gabbard is suing her for claiming Tulsi is a Russian asset. Farron Cussins, editor of Trial Lawyer magazine seems to think that it has merit. It's true that politicians lie about each other constantly, but Hillary wasn't a practicing politician at that time. I'll be following this with interest!
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Warren vs Sanders, Booker, Iran

Elizabeth Warren is going by the way of Tulsi Gabbard; she's fucking off progressives. Her aides (who were probably the Obama aides who signed on very recently) leaked a story where Sanders allegedly said that a woman could not defeat Orange Buffoon. Sanders denied it, Warren claims it's true. I am thinking perhaps Warren misunderstood. Sanders wanted Warren to run in 2016 and has been supportive of the idea of a woman president since the 80s. By the way perhaps Sanders mispoke at the meeting in question. I think that both of them are handling this disastrously. They should just give the context. Warren kind of did and Sanders didn't correct her; he should. Warren appears more accurate as it stands.

Now for my tinfoil hat theory. If you want to destroy Sanders and Warren the best way to do that would be to join Warren's campaign and stir up shit with Sanders. Maybe this isn't what is happening, but it's possible.

I still believe that Warren is a progressive at heart by I think she is listening to the wrong people and made some bad calculations.

Corey Booker dropped out of the race, corporatist, polling at 4%, boring. I recall he making good comments about the drug war but he also takes big pharma money and they don't want cannabis legalized although some pharma companies are also investing in the cannabis field. He would have served his donors, just like Joe and Pete would.

Iran accidentally shot down an airplane, how the fuck do you even manage that? I guess we should be grateful that the U.S. didn't use it as a phony excuse for war.
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Possible war with Iran

Orange Buffoon ordered the killing of Iran's top general in a response to an attack. This was proposed as the more extreme option in amongst less extreme ones. People at the pentagon shouldn't propose more extreme ones as you don't know what the idiot will do. Of course because they're incompetent they also managed to kill one of Iraq's generals and Iraq now want the US troops out. This could lead to war between Iran and the US. We're not there yet.

The aftermath by the US was half assed, they said that the general posed an immediate threat but offered no evidence. Excuse me if I don't take the US at their word. I was naive enough to think the Iraq invasion was a good idea; I won't be making the same mistake again. The US has no credibility; whether it's Vietnam or the two Iraq wars the US have lied time and time again. They're not to be trusted.

The world isn't buying their bullshit, that's the difference between what happened in 2003. China, Russia and even BoJo has criticized this move. When BoJo seems like the reasonable one you have massive problems. If you asked the US they will say that the world is with them on this, which is another lie, gee are you sensing a pattern?

I live in reality; I know that Iran is a hostile actor but Orange Buffoon made them more hostile by pulling out of the nuclear deal and placing sanctions on them. I have absolutely no time for him.

Mike fucking Pence even said Iran helped with 9/11. The 9/11 reports at the time gave no indication of this. The Bush administration said the same thing about Iraq, which wasn't true. We're not that stupid Mike. They're insulting our intelligence. They're not even trying to come up with good lies.

Iran attacked some bases in retaliation but didn't kill anyone. If the world is lucky it will not go any further.
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Australia, Greta Thungberg

Australia is going through bush fires. It's so bad the smoke is traveling to New Zealand. The government should declare a national emergency and start modifying their infrastructure so fires are less likely.

Maybe voting for a coal loving government was a bad idea. Maybe politicians shouldn't be so stupid and ignore climate change.

Greta Thungberg won Time's person of the year. Orange Buffoon tweeted at her saying she was angry and chill Greta, chill. The Buffoon team also photoshopped Buffoon's face on Thungberg's. Yes, both of these things actually happened. I had to check if the image was satire, like so many other times; no it wasn't satire! How sad is that? It was the saddest thing I have ever seen in my life. What kind of idiot sees a 16 year old getting recognized and attacks her? You can argue the media gives her too much attention and Time's person of the year is silly; I would probably agree with you on both points. However to attack her on Twitter is something entirely different! I think the media is giving her too much attention and don't get the hype but I think she is doing good work, her heart and brain is in the right place. She's also very brave. Why attack her? People are so pathetic, it's really unbelievable!
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Orange Buffoon, Tulsi, BoJo, Post election analysts

Before Orange Buffoon started his term I predicted he would be impeached, he's impeached! Unfortunately Democrats have fucked this up by ignoring 70% of his crimes. If you're going to do something do it right. I'd throw every valid potential crime at him and make the Republicans support a criminal President. Democrats are useless. They've gone soft on this. It's easier for Republicans to brush it off if there are fewer crimes. Using my strategy he probably wouldn't be convicted but you make things harder for Republicans.

Tulsi Gabbard voted present for the impeachment. She's even more useless than regular Democrats. She did this possibly for the media attention, a job on Fox News or a job in the Buffoon administration. Whatever the reason; she continues to be a disappointment.

BoJo won the UK election. Previously I've called him Pale Buffoon but let's go with BoJo. Corbyn lost the election due to anti-semitism allegations. He definitely did some questionable things. They also called Labour in general anti-semitic which is a silly claim. I am sure the media was happy to smear Corbyn, because he wanted to represent the people. Again I acknowledge he did some questionable things.

Does this mean you shouldn't go left. Well, maybe. The media will relentlessly attack progressives. Another data point is John Key vs David Cunliffe. Cunliffe was thought of as a progressive, by the end I disagreed with this conclusion but that's going off topic. Cunliffe didn't win, neither did Corbyn. Both were attacked by the media. I think both had serious problems controlling their own parties. However, centrism doesn't necessarily win either. Democrats ran a centrist in 2016, Orange Buffoon won. Clinton/Gore were centrists, Bush won in 2000. In Australia, the so-called left ran a centrist last election, stood for nothing, didn't win. F.D.R. won four times in the U.S.A., he wasn't a centrist. So the data is mixed. Centrists do sometimes lead to victories, but only for a short time, then you get monsters.

Another factor is personality, I have no idea but perhaps Corbyn was lacking in this area. I definitely think that personality is everything in politics. Which is depressing but apart from 2016 the data points to this.

So, I still say run progressives but I'm not with the people who say they're guaranteed winners, clearly they're not. Centrists are not guaranteed winners either.

Ultimately lefties are TERRIBLE at dealing with the media and centrists within their own parties. This is a significant problem and if they do better with this maybe they could win. The base of the parties are also to blame for voting for centrists too.
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impeachment, Bolivia, Biden, Uygur, Fires, Rubin

Nothing exciting is really happening with impeachment hearings; they basically confirm what everyone already knows. I would have like other crimes to be investigated. Three people confirming the same information is pretty fucking pointless. Most of the information we knew from the edited transcript.

Kyle Kulinski is again wrong. Hillary didn't do the same thing. Her campaign may have asked foreign governments for information, but she didn't hold up government money to do so. If you want to investigate her campaign, fine. However Orange Buffoon should be impeached for many things, again they should investigate multiple things. Bill Clinton's investigation started on an real estate deal and ended up on a blow job. For the impeachment case to be strong the criminality must be overwhelming. I am not saying the evidence for individual crimes should be flimsy but they don't need 7 people confirming the same thing, 2 or 3 is fine.

The government of Bolivia was ousted by a military coup. It's important to know that the leader changed the constitution to abolish term limits which went against the result of a referendum on the subject. That being said, nobody has presented evidence of a fixed election. This seems like a coup backed by the U.S.A.

Joe Biden isn't in favour of legalizing cannibis because he's not sure if it's a gateway drug. Joe Biden is an idiot. Studies already exist, it's not a gateway drug. The C.D.C. also says so. It's also tone deaf; most people want legalization of cannabis. Joe isn't going to inspire anyone with this crap! He also believes that nobody should go to prison for it. Um OK Joe but you were Vice President for 8 years, you and Obama did very little about this! He authored the Crime Bill and whined that Ronald Regan was too soft on drug users; his history is terrible on this issue.

Cenk Uygur is running for Congress, host of TheYoungTurks. Ana has taken over the editor role. He has an uphill battle but a solid base behind him. He likels to make predictions, so do I. If he gets in the establishment will make up some nonsense scandal to get him out. Just like they did with Justice Democrats. I have seen this movie before and he was the star. I'm sure he will be excellent giving speeches and in hearings. He's not known to be polite. He'd be a strong fighter for the people. My concern would be setting fund raising targets too low, that fucked his colleague Heartson. It probably won't last, I hope that I am wrong, good luck Cenk!

The planet is burning, particularly the Amazon, Sydney and California. For California they could solve the problem by moving the power lines under ground but the private companies would rather save money. Obviously the state government should step in to regulate this. Of course climate change is a factor. Shock fucking horror global warming make fires more likely. If only there were scientists warning us for decades. Oh that's right there were, people are just too stupid to listen!

Dave Rubin made a comically stupid statement; he said that they were having trouble putting out fires because the fire departments are forced to hire diverse including GLBT people. Of course he didn't cite any evidence for this. If anybody has evidence supporting this claim please contact me. Maybe you'll find it in Rubin's ass. I truly wonder if he's saying this kind of stupid shit to get a reaction, or conducting some kind of secret satire.

He also moaned that Chic-Fil-A was no longer giving money to GLBT hate groups. He's gay. Dave, if you're reading this: FUCK YOU! Your show is shit, so are your opinions and yourself. I was pleased to meet you but now I'd be embarrassed to be seen with you and probably would have to have a shower afterwards. Your free marketplace of ideas is bullshit, that's just an excuse to give a platform to horrible people. You obviously make good money doing it but nobody with intelligence takes you seriously, you're a joke with zero credibility and will very happily sell the GLBT community down the river. Unlike other progressives I don't mind his shit show; he can do any show he wants. His opinions are moronic, he sticks up for people who hate the minority group that he is a member of and his downright smearing of his own employer really fucked me off.. Secret satire or a bump on the head is your only defense. Barring those I repeat FUCK YOU!
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Baghdaddi, Zuckerburg

The former leader of ISIS is dead due to a raid by the Buffoon administration. It should be a celebratory occasion for most administrations but of course Orange Buffoon made up ridiculous lies and everything is a clown show with him. He said watching the raid was like watching a movie. There was no video feed in the room, already hilarious. He said that the leader was crying and wimpering, nobody has verified this. He said that al-Baghdaddi was worse than Bin Laden, I think it's a valid conversation but it's not for today. It turns out he didn't want Obama getting credit for killing Bin Laden; I shall apply the same standard to Orange Buffoon. He also bragged in his speech that he uses the internet better than ISIS. Absolute lunatic!

For people saying we should let him have his glory. I say fuck no he's still a criminal.

Also I wouldn't be writing about how he's a fucking lunatic and pathological liar if he wasn't a fucking lunatic and pathological liar. The guy does this to himself.

I have always found Baghdaddi to be a funny name, like the city but with a daddy. Like some S&M nickname. It's probably deeply inappropriate to make fun of a dead person's name but he was a terrorist, so who cares?

Orange Buffoon appeared at a sporting event and the crowd booed and chanted Lock him up, lock him up. I love this. I interpret it as a throwback to lock her up. It wasn't a political rally. More importantly the guy is a fucking criminal.

I also like to see Zuckerburg in pain, simply because I hate Facebook. AOC questioned why Facebook allows companies with ties to white supremacists to do fact checking. he passed the buck to an independent organization which is a piss poor excuse as the company doesn't have to use that organization. There's controversy around if Facebook should allow lying in political advertisements. To be fair if you disallow lies in political ads on TV, that's 80% of them gone. Facebook couldn't allow speeches by Orange Buffoon on that standard. The same standard should be applied to both. However if political ads use microtargeting to spread misinformation to certain groups of people; that could be problematic and something should be done about that. They also want to launch a cyptocurrency; they are already too big and have too many properties. I don't even think they should be allowed to have an advertising pixel which tracks the websites you visit. That's the reason when you shop for green dildos advertisements for them appear on Facebook, or is it just me that shops for green dildos? Anyway. They also have aspects of your daily life, the people you know and messages. It's too much information. Now they want to be your wallet. No thanks, fuck off. People made a big deal about the NSA but tech giants like Facebook and Google have similar information about you, and they sell it. It must be reigned in.
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Departures, Republicans, Tulsi, G.C.T.

Buffon's chief of staff has resigned after admitting a quid pro quo in the Ukraine saga. He tried to walk it back but the damage was already done.

Rick Perry; the only person from Texas dumber than George W Bush also resigned. Buffoon basically was going around saying the phone call with Ukraine was Perry's idea and like an idiot he agreed. He later clarified that he didn't tell Buffoon to talk about the Bidens.

Republicans are showing early signs of splitting. Even the leader of the Senate wouldn't back up Buffoon's statements this week. Romney is also no fan. Considering this I'll bring the impeachment and removal chance up to 7%. If the Republican criticisms continue maybe removal is a possibility.

Hillary Clinton felt the need to go after Tulsi Gabbard, because, I don't know, she was bored. She said that Russia has a puppet in the race and everyone assumed she was talking about Gabbard. Firstly Hillary Clinton should just go away, there was no reason to speak on this issue. The Gabbard campaign is a joke, she was polling 0.8%, she has been fucking off progressives including myself, we no longer like her. What Clinton did was make Gabbard a martyr and bring her more air time. Go away Hillary. She also didn't back up her claims. There was no reason why she needed to bring up Gabbard. Frankly the less I talk about Gabbard the better. Both can just go away.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is concerned about gay conversion therapy but doesn't want to ban it, at least at this stage. I would disagree. It can lead to psychological harm and increases suicide rate. If we're going with religious freedom why don't we just allow human sacrifice and crucifixion? Banning it is not unheard of and I lean towards banning it.
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